A wide range of all purpose trailers engineered to the highest specifications
Krurekpro engineers and manufactures a wide range of trailers that satisfy the most demanding customer.

All trailers are designed according to exacting standards and then manufactured by skilled tradesmen according to strict engineering standards. Krurekpro uses only the very best components that have proven themselves to be durable and well manufactured. This ensures long life, hassle-free ownership and a good resale value.

The entire range is manufactured in our manufacturing facility in Potchefstroom.



Single Axle Trailer Double Axle Trailer
  Flatdeck Trailer
1000L Trailer 1000L Rinkhals with spare tyre

Professionally engineered equipment that exceeds the demands of Fire Departments
Fire departments are critical safety utilities that deliver a community service in times of need. The equipment that they use to deliver this service needs to be reliable, efficient and durable. Krurekpro has been delivering this to its clients since 1995.

Our equipment is custom- designed according to international standards. Only the very best components are sourced from across the world and used in engineering a range of equipment for fire departments' specific requirements. These units perform faultlessly over many years of hard service, often under difficult conditions and with a minimum of maintenance.

The entire range is manufactured in our manufacturing facility in Potchefstroom according to rigid international standards to meet the needs of our clients.
Firetruck Firetruck
Firetruck Firetruck
Firetruck Unimog unit with High-Pressure pump
15000L Bulk Supply 4000L High Pressure Unit with Crew Cab
Hino Forestry Truck
TATA 4x4 Unimog

SAMIL 50 5000L

Engineered to meet the demands of the forestry sector
Considering that the major asset of the forestry sector is its forests of timber, it makes sense to invest in the very best fire fighting equipment to protect these assets that require years to grow.

Way back in 1995, Krurekpro recognised the needs of this economically important sector and designed industrial strength fire fighting units that met and exceeded clients' expectations.

We work very closely with our clients in the forestry sector to design and manufacture to the highest standards units that are able to perform faultlessly over many years of hard service under arduous conditions and over rugged terrain.

The entire range is manufactured in our manufacturing facility in Potchefstroom according to the rigid standards set by our clients. Only the very best components and materials are used and then only after they have undergone rigorous testing in real world situations.

Our clients in the forestry sector include SAPPI Forestry, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) of the Government of South Africa and a number of other forestry role players in South Africa and Swaziland.

Krurekpro designs, builds, rebuilds and modifies commercial vehicle bodies to the highest professional standards
Our clients have a wide range of specialised requirements that are often not met by traditional body and coach builders. Krurekpro has solved this problem by offering design, engineering, manufacturing and rebuilding services to its clients for a number of years.

Whether the vehicle is a brand new cab/chassis configuration, the rebuild of an existing model, refurbishment of an unserviceable unit or the conceptualization and manufacturing of a totally new concept, we care able to execute these projects to our normal highly acclaimed professionally engineered standards.

The series of photographs below provide some idea of the scope of our services. We can tackle any project, no matter how large or small and invite you to contact us for further details.
Recovery Vehicle Pump Unit Davey Twin Standard


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